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The multidisciplinary partnership of covers a network of ATEX specialist. The cooperating specialists each have their own expertise. For instance mechanical, electrical, dust or gas, ATEX114, zoning, inspections, IEC Ex03 certification, drafting EVD, ATEX153, organizational and training. A solution for problems related to these fields can be found within 123ATEX.

To integrate ATEX into your organization in a simple way, a 3-step plan has been set up. This 3-step plan is based on:

  1. Drafting basic documents
    • carrying out a Risk assessment for determination of obligation of zoning ( RI & E)
    • drafting Explosion Hazard Document (EHD)
  2. Carry out organizational measures
    • inventory of release sources
    • Determine zoning
    • procedures
    • training sessions
    • inspection plan for ignition sources
  3. Carry out technical measures
    • inspect ignition sources
    • risk assessment ‘old’ equipment
    • determine instrumental control measures
    • draw up recovery plans

Of course, any of these steps can be skipped when already fully in place.

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